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[SeedSow] Breathe - October online campaign against depression

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I know how it is and I know what you are thinking.
Let me guess?
You feel the planet Earth is throwing tantrums at you making you feel sad and vulnerable?

Or possibly, you feel life is unfair. So very much unfair it seems you are thrown the junks from other people's goodies.
Okay wait!
Did you see the blazing red lipstick on the very fine woman? or the newest car model that the young man is driving?
They are all camouflage to cover up the real issue.
So, breathe.
I know you feel broken, irrational and dejected.
But, breathe.
I know you feel like strangling your murderer and killing your harasser.
Still, breathe.
We live in a world where emotions and feelings are pacified by the diffusion of passion from one to another.
Like the last man standing on a thin rope of line.
Be calm. Breathe in, breathe out.
You know what? Just Breathe.

#october #breathe #depression #MentalHealth
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