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[SeedSow] Breathe(2) I'm not here to scare you, but let me tell you a story...

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I'm not here to scare you, but let me tell you a story,
About a man that died two days before his glory,
Yes, he was unhappy, this man I speak of was lonely,
So he mixed some harsh chemicals and oh well he drank it.

The night the man died, before his corpse was discovered,
The lady he had loved for many years but couldn't understand,
Had composed him a very long message and sent it to their whatsapp chat,
She included that she was sorry to have kept him waiting all this while,
And she ended it with a, "you're are the reason why I breathe, so can you be mine?"
This man applied for a job since a very long time,
But he never got a reply from them so he thought his letter has been declined,
On Sunday night was when, he took his life,
Monday morning the company where he applied kept trying his line,
They wanted to tell him he is the chosen one,
And that he should come around, he has some documents to sign.

On Tuesday afternoon was when his corpse was found,
A man that has promised to help him leave the country exclaimed "Why?!!!"
'Cos Tuesday was when he had planned to book his flight,
"Oh what an unlucky man! He died two days before his time..."
Only if he had known better not to take his life,
But he's not the only one that doesn't know, others too, that have succumbed to suicide,
What they don't know is,  A hundred obstacles always comes with a divine,
Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

His family really cried and cried,
Their tears knocked on heaven's door and begged God to bring him back,
But God said, "He's not here,
He's still somewhere among you there,
It's just you can't see him, he's roaming around in fright and fear."
The troubles he thought death would end,
Little did he know that option wasn't best,
So if you're reading this with suicide at the back of your mind,
Death doesn't end the pain and suicide is a lie,
Breathe in, breathe out, now open your eyes,
Can you see it coming? Yes right there, that's your good time,
That depressing situation won't last but a "strong you" will last for a long time,
Breathe on, breathe on, do not be like the man that died,
The man that died, two days before his time.

Thank you for reading

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