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Why You Should Never Sleep With Any Girl That Wears Waist Beads – If Her Beads Have This Colour, RUN For Your Life

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Why You Should Never Sleep With Any Girl That Wears Waist Beads – If Her Beads Have This Colour, RUN For Your Life
These days, a lot of girls wear waist beads for reasons best known to them. Though a few really don’t know what the different colours stand for, they just wear it for beautification and of course, fashion. But, it is actually deeper than most of us think and sometimes diabolical; in fact, some girls use it as a form of love portion. Colours like green, gold and blue signify sexual signals, love, wealth, power, preciousness, energy, self-confidence, vitality, passion and many others.

–> This article will intimate you about the history of waist beads, why girls wear it, the different colours of waist beads and what they signify. To the ordinary eye, it is for beautification and fashion sense, but for those in the know, it is more than that.

Brief introduction on waist beads

Waist beads are often worn by African women and it holds certain fascination for many. The beautiful stream of color blending could be one of the reasons for this fascination or the way a woman’s lower body moves when this ornament is worn could be another.   It has been named according to the tribes wearing them.
In Northern Nigeria, it is called ‘Jigida’ while the Yorubas refer to it as ‘Bebedi’. Women’s sexuality in Africa as a whole is attached to a woman’s bum and the beads help women sway and show off this feature. Although much sentiment is attached to the use of this ornament, some ladies don’t mind wearing them.
This present day generation doesn’t see the need to wear beads around the waist in order to make the bum shake; they would rather ‘twerk’ and shake the bum harder than those wearing the waist beads.
They hold special admiration for it.  The waist beads in truth are associated with sex and sexuality. It has the ability to stir deep erotic feelings in men. Sexual pleasure is heightened when men see waist beads resting seductively on a woman’s hips. The beads make the women aware of themselves and the power wielded round their sexuality.
The waist, hips, bum and thighs become the focal point of attention when the bead is worn. Feminism and beauty is enhanced with the wearing of waist beads. Young girls wear waist beads to show they are growing into young beautiful women that are ready for marriage.
There are women who confess using this special African beauty piece as love portion (diabolical). One effect that the waist beads have on men is improving the sexiness of a woman.
Men, being visual animals, easily fall in this trap. Moreover, those who cherish witchdoctors pay them a visit to get special waist beads.
They attract men and no man leaves after sleeping with a woman who has invested in this ‘juju beads’. It is alleged that successful beach hookers use the power of shanga (waist beads).

The history of waist beads

Waist beads have their roots anchored in Africa and overlap with Egypt as well. They came into existence around the 15th century as a status symbol. The natives had different views about its uses and miracles. Traditional African women used to wear them often on their bare skin and rarely under their clothing.
Egyptian women wore them to allure men while belly dancing. Sometimes scented, women used them to allure their partners since they signified their sexuality. They were also thought to have some healing powers. When used with stones, waist beads were the means of spiritual healing as well. Wearing waist beads is also part of Ghanaian culture. It is a traditional ornament and necessary dowry for women.

Uually, babies wear waist beads at Ghanaian naming ceremonies, and young girls also wear waist beads as a sign of femininity. The web of this culture then extended and reached middle-east where it has taken up a notch and women started admiring it and carrying it along with their bodies.Now, waist beads are worn by women from different countries and cultures to celebrate, decorate, confidence building, tracking weight gain and weight loss, body shaping, and at the same time, they also symbolize spirituality, womanhood, protection, wealth, female empowerment, fertility, and sexuality.

What the colour of waist beads signify

Natives had same spiritual beliefs associated with the colours of the beads embedded in the string. According to folklore, different hues of waist beads impart different properties. The major ones are:

1) Red waist beads: For sexual signals, energy, self-confidence, vitality, passion, power, love, and desire. (Be scared if you meet any girl wearing this)
2) White : For innocence, purity, humility, youth, cleanliness, light, virginity, and goodness.
3) Pink : For romance, love, friendship, appreciation, femininity, sweet, kindness and tenderness.

If her waist beads have this colour, RUN for your life
If her waist beads have this colour, RUN for your life

4) Black : For protection, elegance, authority, depth, and formality.
5) Gold : For wealth, power, preciousness, and high quality.
6) Green : For prosperity, harmony, encouraging, fertility, growth, abundance and hope.
7) Orange : For warmth, enthusiasm, success, attraction, and creativity.
8) Purple : For mysterious, luxury, ambition, independence, magic, and spirituality.
9) Yellow : For calming nerves, happiness, joy, and clarity.
10) Blue : For knowledge, wisdom, trust, loyalty, devotion, faith, peace, and healing.
11) Brown : For earth, stability, honesty, strength, natural, reliability, and comfort.
12) Silver : For serenity, dreams, grace, glamour, insight, and female energy.

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