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[Poem] I wish I could write. by Hassan Idris

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I wish I could write
"I wish I could write"

I wish I could write for you,
how the great Umar Yogiza's Pen 
flip up pages, portraying love 
and simplicity!

I wish I could write
how Maryam Gatawa’s ink,
Pierced through my heart like the
way a needle
pierce through
the hands of a man 

How Adamu Usman Garko's 
literary works,
wakes the dead from the grave,
unleashing them to sing 'Galala'
to the amusement of his Pen 

I wish I could, I could write how 
Mujahid Ameen
Lilo’s Pen, sings the 
melody of a caring brother washing 
away my sorrows 

I wish to write of Sulayman Ayub, 
how his Pen advocated
humanity,and how it
the loop holes of this generation 

How Maryam 
Mayner's pen inspired 
my fallen soul,
and how Sultie's Magical pen
washes away my sorrows 
like Alomo bitter 

I wish I could be a writer, 
writing about 
humanity and creativity! 

© Hassan Idris 
July, 2019

Hassan Idris hails from kogi state, Igala by tribe.  He is currently studying in Ahmadu  Bello University, Zaria Nigeria.  He studies Sociology and Anthroplogy where he was awarded last year as " Best researcher " in the department.  He's a lover of books, writing, poems etc.
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