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The Phobia of Losing thee Poem by Hassan Idris

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 For long I live
With the fear of loosing thee
Am overwhelmed
With the feeling of loosing thee
Day and night
It eats me up

Upon loosing you will I cry
I wont feel happy
When You came back not
For your love is sweet
Separation day brings distress

Thy  love had  eaten off my vein
Occupied   my brain.
promised had i to marry you
No other than you,I hold onto
Flesh we become, the both of us

Our first promise, must I reminisce
Only me you love,
Double date ain't your passion
My love for you is real
Blind am i, in love  with thee
Only thou I looked at

Your melodious voice,
Dominates my brain
 Fills my ears
I thought of you even in my hush hush
I thought of you even in my hugger_mugger situations

Gossiping people, ain't your friends
Unique you are
People like you are hard to find
Only of a kind...
Loosing you will be my worst nightmare
Far gone am i,  no calls do I hear

Night becomes day, for I can't sleep
Little will be left for me to be deep and dumb
For my ears hear no calls
One day will you come to say goodbye
It will be saddening
And I will be shattered

When  one's time is due
No delay will there be
With pains or not
Now did I realises
That love can turns one a hero
I cannot see, my vision is blurred
Closer did I move,
Only to see you
Yet you vanished!
From my sight.

A chronic disease you are,
To my heart
Only you will be my remedy
 All times will I cry
For our past recollection
We walked together,
Yet you can't look my eyes
For you are the shy one
You're fond with respect

When you are close, I got no worries
You reminded me
Of all I forget
You Said yes to all my words
For long I wished
To be your groom
Happily ever after would we live
With our kids

You uplifted me , and when you're gone, down I fell
None to wipe my tears
 till it all dried

If thousands bear your name
yours is the most sweetest
I held a promise to love you
Till my last breath

Poem written by;
 ©Hassan Idris
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