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How to install a Blogger Template

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Installing blogger template on your blogger blog is very easy. gives you templates for renovating your blog. Yes! We giving new look for blogger blog. This tutorial shows you How to install/upload a new blogger template. We cover two types of installing method with step by step guidance.
Method-1: Uploading .xml file. Your existing widgets will keep on blogger and you need to remove manually on this method
Method-2: Copy and Paste coding. Completely replaced all coding. (If you have error when uploading template using method-1, then try method-2)
First, we going to method-1 which is uploading .xml file.
Step 1: Downloading Blogger Template.

Step 2: Extracting zipped downloaded template file.
File format that you have downloaded/bought might be in a .ZIP file format. We are only able to upload a file with .xml extension. So it is need to be extracted. Please Extract / Unzip it.  
Step 3: Logged in your Blogger Dashboard.
You must logged in your google account to access your blogger dashboard (Ignore this step if you are already logged in)
Step 4: Access Theme Section.
Choose (If you have multiple blogs) your Blog in your Dashboard that you want to change template, and click “Theme” in the option panel on the left.

Step 5: Access Backup / Restore.
Look at the top right corner, you will see “Backup / Restore” button and click it on.

 Before going next step, Please backup your previous template because, if you have any problem after  uploading the new template, the backup file will help you for restore. Please Read the post about Backup and Restore in Blogger.

Step 6: Get ready to upload.
Manage on pop-up windows and click “choose file” button and look for folder that is created after extracted file that you have downloaded.

Step 7: select .xml file for uploading.
Folder has a .XML file, .TXT file, Internet shortcuts and etc., You should select only .XML file.

Step 8: Start uploading template.
Click “Upload” button. Now uploading process appear in your screen.

Now the template will appear in your blog successfully.

Wanna get a blogger template of your choice, kindly use the CONTACT US section to reach us or chat with us through: +2347060733664

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