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How To Get Up To 3GB Free Data Subscription From 20bids App

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Here is how you can earn up to 3GB free data subscription from 20bids app, and accumulate even more data, like every other free data giving app we have shared with you, 20bids is rewarding users that download their app, with the allocated data you can stream, download, browse and do practically anything on the internet, follow the instructions below to download the app and receive your free data subscription.

How to Get Up 3GB free data Subscription From

2. Install the app and launch, click on Register

3. input your details, name, email, mobile phone, etc

4. Choose a password, remember your password because you need to log in with it later

5. Login with your details

6. A pop-up instructing you to visit the 20bids website to claim your free 500mb data will appear

7. Visit their website, login, a new pop up with a box to input your mobile number for the free data subscription will surface

8.Now input your mobile number and claim your free data

Await your free data, note that it can take up to 24hours four your data subscription to get credited

Enjoy this fantastic offer while it last. Kindly drop your comments in the Box below...
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