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MTN is one of the best networks in Nigeria till date and they are tagged as “Everywhere You Go“, which means you can experience the speed and availability everywhere you seems to find yourself in Nigeria as a whole.

hey have once again reviewed their data plan and we’ve also updated all their data plan codes to the latest. MTN 2019 data plans are the best you can use for your internet exploit.
They have categories of data plans that are suitable for you and they are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly or 60 days data plans. You are always free to choose from their rich bouquets of affordable data plans.


You are probably too busy with your work and you need a data plan that will always help you check your social media notifications or browse other sites for little updates, you can choose the daily plans for a little internet adventure.
1. N50 For 20MB: The first daily data plan from the network seems to be amazing but is too small. Moreover, they are all packaged to give you value for your money. The 20MB daily plan is best for you.
To activate N50 for 20MB data plan, simply send 114 to 131 as text message. It valid for 1 day.
2. N100 For 50MB + 25MB bonus: The 25MB bonus zaps faster than the main 50MB data because is just a bonus. Moreover, it’s best fit for those who want to only check notifications and updates for just a day.
To activate N100 for 50MB + 25MB data plan, simply send 104 to 131 as text message.
3. N200 For 150MB + 75MB Bonus: Similar to the previous daily plan of N100 but only the upgrade in the volume of data and price makes the difference. It’s suitable for those who want to roam the internet a little for just a day.
To activate N200 for 150MB + 75MB data plan, simply send 113 to 131 as text message.


The network has only 2 data bundles on their weekly plan and they are recommended to spice up your weekly activities on the internet. Get a bundle and enjoy it.
4. 150MB For N300: During the week or weekend, we tend to surf the internet more because everyone are all connected to it but you need data to carry out this activity, the 150MB is an option. It valid for just 7 days.
To activate N300 for 150MB data plan, simply send 102 to 131 as text message.
5. 500MB + 250MB Bonus For N500: If you need a higher volume of data to spice up your week and weekend and to give you the best experience ever on the internet, why not opt for this plan? Sure, you should.
To activate N500 for 500MB + 250MB data plan, simply send 103 to 131 as text message. It valid for 7 days.


The network monthly plans are well designed to take you along the internet world and give you the best experience for your commitment to the internet, you have to choose your preferred data plan and let it blend fun into you as you keep subscribing once more again and even again.
6. N1,000 For 1GB + 500MB: You have an additional 500MB as bonus if you subscribe to this plan. It’s the most used data plan on the network and it works greatly for those who use it all the time.
To activate N1,000 for 1GB + 500MB data plan, simply send 106 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.
7. N1,200 For 1.5GB: The above data plan seems to surpass this one right? No, that’s just a bonus and it zaps faster but this is a legit data plan that will ensure you are fed properly on the internet.
To activate N1,200 for 1.5GB data plan, simply send 130 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.
8. N2,000 For 2.5GB + 1GB: You have an additional 1GB data bonus for your internet adventure. Once you are done consuming the 2.5GB, don’t worry, the extra 1GB data is there to back you up.
To activate N2,000 for 2.5GB + 1GB data plan, simply send 110 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.
9. N3,500 For 5GB: Is a little more cheaper but too cost to easily afford. Is like in the middle of heavy and lite data but anyway, if you decide to get this plan, you should have budget all what you want to download and surf it up all at once.
To activate N3,500 for 5GB data plan, simply send 107 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.
10. N5,000 For 10GB: For lite heavy download people, this data plan is highly recommended for you guys. It can be used to stream all online games and videos, or other channels like that of football, Zeeworld and more. It depends on what you exactly need it for.
To activate N5,000 for 10GB data plan, simply send 116 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.
11. N10,000 For 22GB: This is the highest monthly data plan from MTN network and it worth it. It’s predominantly for those who want to access the internet in full and for a long time.
To activate N10,000 for 22GB data plan, simply send 117 to 131 as text message. It valid for 30 days.


There are 4 bundles of quarterly data plans over here. You should choose any one that best fit your need and enjoy your adventure on the internet.
12. N20,000 For 50GB: To acquire this plan means you are about to start sharing data to your families and well wishers. Moreover, is good having this type of plan because you won’t bother about buying data plan for the next 60 days (2 months).
To activate N20,000 for 50GB data plan, simply send 118 to 131 as text message. It valid for 60 days.
13. 100GB For N30,000: I wonder what you really want to download on the internet that a mighty 100GB won’t be able to carry. Maybe you want to use it in a cafe or other business stuffs but anyhow, it’s best for you if you can afford it.
To activate N30,000 for 100GB data plan, simply send 138 to 131 as text message. It valid for 60 days.
14. N50,000 For 120GB: Additional 20GB to the previous data plan sums it up to 120GB and that means you need another higher plan. It’s awesome being committed to the internet with this type of plan.
To activate N50,000 for 120GB data plan, simply send 133 to 131 as text message. It valid for 90 days.
15. N75,000 For 150GB: MTN offers up to 150GB from their rich bouquets of data plans and this is the last plan you can buy.
To activate N75,000 for 150GB data plan, simply send 134 to 131 as text message. It valid for 90 days.


It’s time to list all the data plans in a table for easier access. You can view them and learn the code or activate AUTO-RENEWAL for future usage. Nevertheless, you can dial *131# to access the rich bouquets of MTN data plans, or view the updated list.
And also note that bonus data attached to all data are usable from 1am to 7am on MTN DealZone.


To subscribe to MTN data plan, simply dial *131# and you are good to go. You can select your preferred data plan from the on-screen commands.


You will be able to cancel auto-renewal on your bundle anytime by sending the opt-out keyword to 131. The data plan “keyword” to 131. Basically, the keyword is the code you used in activating that particular data plan.


To check your MTN data balance, kindly dial *559# or *559*2# or *559*4# to check additional bonuses and offers on the network.
If you have any other questions, kindly bring it up to the comment section below for immediate answer. Thanks.

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