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Oh mother of the Ocean save your people
This is what you are forever born to do
So you never need to go far,
For you know who you are.

Oh mother of my nation!
I am at your feet for the Vision
So I never need to suffer
For you have keep me thus far

Moana! Mother of my life
I have nothing, only you I have
Restore the love, life and peace
For without you I’m just a flea

I’m not just an area
I was made, loved and filled by your prayer
Though destruction tends its way
But it is just a demon to which I’m a prey.

You are not just Moana of Nige area
You are sent to heal me with your filial
And make my desert a grown greens
And with tears I’ll be found with grins

Why did you bring me here?
I guess right now there is much to fear
Please choose someone else
I will fly abode on ”MaWill” crest

Tell me, why is to me comes destruction?
And why in me all this corruptions?
Why? But what you have for me is always good
That’s why with your smiles I,m on blues

I bless you for I’ve seen whom you sent!
She is everything I know about a Saint
She is just the Shoulder I rest on
And that is why you’ll behold on me, smiles till I pass on.

Written just in a rotten English for a peculiar reasons... 
So appreciate and find out from the bleeding pen of ADEDIRE T. TOMIWA....a cool, calm
and collected gentleman, though jovial. He is a love coach, a song
writer, a Thespian, a cinematographer, an inspirational
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