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Listening to music in the workplace can positively boost your performance. What’s more, the benefits are multiple:

Helping to improve mood

Preventing daydreaming and distractions from work

Providing company when the office environment is too quiet

Music and well-being
Over half the people in this study use music to change their mood or to mirror their emotions. In other words, listening to music helps boost their personal well-being. It’s a well know fact that well-being at work is good for work performance. The science behind this is that even mild positive emotions have the ability to increase what we can recall in our minds. In other words, – it can help to stimulate new thoughts and memories. The end result can lead to increased creativity.

The future of Sound Productivity

What’s clear from the research is that encouraging music in the workplace can help to improve well-being and increase satisfaction and productivity. However, an environment where people have a greater level of control over when and which music they listen to, can result in experiences and outcomes which are more positive.

Enjoyed as a private activity, music in offices can be seen as a perk; a positive route to personal happiness and well-being. What’s more, it’s a clever way to help manage work environments and minimize interruptions; a cost effective way to combat stress; and a positive technique for encouraging self care.
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