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Glo is popularly known for the affordable data plans they offer but the speed or network coverage in using the data has sometimes become a turn off for most of their customers.
Thou, the network is still good in some urban areas and the cheap data cannot just be overlooked.
Globacom is one of the biggest Nigerians network and they categorized their data plans in a way to fit the need of their customers. They offers daily, weekly, monthly, and some offers like double data, Campus booster and more.

All you need are all packaged and well designed. You don’t have to struggle for it because all data plans can be activated with simple codes dialed from your phone.

Glo 2019 data plans are all listed and reviewed in this article. In fact, they are always updated and all disused codes are eradicated and emended to avoid wrong users of this blog subscribing to the wrong plans due to literal error.


Glo has 3 daily bundles of data plans and they are properly arranged to meet your need. They are little but when used effectively, they satisfy your need because they all comes with bonus data.
1. N25 For 50MB: Want to have a chit-chat with your friends or families on social media or surf a little? You should opt for this plan. It comes with 12.5MB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N25 for 50MB, simply dial *127*32# or send 32 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 1 day.
2. N50 For 22MB: Want to step up your chat and surfing? Activate this plan and when you auto-renew, you will get 27.5MB.
To activate the N50 for 22MB, simply dial *127*14# or send 14 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 1 day.
3. N100 For 80MB: You want to explore the internet a little, or just for 24 hours before arriving at a permanent data plan? Try this plan first. Auto-renew gives you additional 100MB data bonus.
To activate the N100 for 80MB, simply dial *127*51# or send 51 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 1 day.


There are 2 rich weekly data plans for those who want to explore the internet on a weekly basis. These data plans can help you accomplish your mission.
4. N200 For 210MB: Is a bit cheap considering the 5 days validity given but the volume of the data is more valued than the validity. Moreover, it’s flexible. Autorenew bonus data is 262MB.
To activate the N200 for 210MB, simply dial *127*56# or send 56 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 5 days.
5. N500 For 800MB: This weekly plan is more affordable than some other networks monthly subscription. Note that when you auto-renew, you get an additional 1GB data.
To activate the N500 for 800MB, simply dial *127*57# or send 57 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 14 days.


If you have decided to upgrade your data validity bundles by 100%, the Glo monthly plans are hundred percent ready to work it out for you.
6. N1,000 For 1.6GB: This is the most used data plan from Glo rich bouquets of affordable data plans and it also comes with additional 2GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N1,000 for 1.6GB, simply dial *127*53# or send 53 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
7. N2,000 For 3.65GB: Little bit higher than the previous plan in price and volume. It gives additional 4.5GBdata bonus when you auto-renew.
To activate the N2,000 for 3.65GB, simply dial *127*55# or send 55 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
8. N2,500 For 5.75GB: With N500 topping the price of previous data plan, you would get 5.75GB data and when you auto-renew, you get 7.2GB data bonus.
To activate the N2,500 for 5.75GB, simply dial *127*58# or send 58 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
9. N3,000 For 7GB: Another N500 topping the price of previous data plan reviewed above would give you 7GB data with an additional data bonus of 8.75GB.
To activate the N3,000 for 7GB, simply dial *127*54# or send 54 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
10. N4,000 For 10GB: Are you ready to explore the internet real good? Opt for this plan, is more recommended. It has an additional data bonus of 12.5GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N4,000 for 10GB, simply dial *127*59# or send 59 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
11. N5,000 For 12.5GB: The internet is made of many fun stuffs and to access them, you need a portable and a lasting data plan. Why not opt for this plan because it has an additional data bonus of 15.6GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N5,000 for 12.5GB, simply dial *127*2# or send 11 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
12. N8,000 For 20GB: This data plan is more affordable and suitable for your internet adventure. It has an additional data bonus of 25GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N8,000 for 20GB, simply dial *127*1# or send 12 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
13. 10,000 For 26GB: Do not miss this out. You need it for your internet exploit and it worth the price. It also has an additional data bonus of 32.5GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N10,000 for 26GB, simply dial *127*11# or send 15 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
14. N15,000 For 42GB: It’s huge and affordable, it worth it. You should apply this to your internet commitment. It also comes with 52.5GB additional data bonus.
To activate the N15,000 for 42GB, simply dial *127*12# or send 16 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
15. 18,000 For 50GB: With this plan, you can cover up the 79% of things you want to download on the internet. It also come with 62.5GB additional data bonus when you auto-renew.
To activate the N18,000 for 50GB, simply dial *127*13# or send 17 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.
16. 20,000 For 63GB: The last monthly data plan of Globacom. It’s huge and it will allow you access the internet without restrictions. If you are a movie lover, computer whizzkid, heavy internet user and online video or game lover, you should consider this plan as your friend. Love it and embrace it, it’s highly recommended. It comes with an additional data bonus of 78.75GB when you auto-renew.
To activate the N20,000 for 63GB, simply dial *127*33# or send 33 to 127 as SMS. It valid for 30 days.


This type of plan should be called “timely plans” because they are restricted to work at a particular time and sometimes, it could be the time you need to surf the internet most and it’s available. And other times, it could be the time you want to surf the internet but it’s no more there. That’s the disadvantage.
17. 500 For 3GB: This plan only works on weekend days which is Saturday 12am to Sunday 11:59pm. If you always have time for the internet during the weekend, is a good option.
To activate the N500 for 3GB weekend plan, simply dial *127*61# or send 61 to 127 as SMS.
18. N200 For 1GB: For those who loves browsing in the night. The invigilate guys, you would love this plan because is properly designed for you.
To activate the N200 for 1GB night plan, simply dial *127*60# or send 60 to 127 as SMS. It works from 12am to 5am.
19. N6,000 For 4GB: This plan is tagged as “G 100”, is an hourly plan. The 4GB can be consumed or valid for 100 hours or 30 days.
To activate the N6,000 for 4GB, simply dial *127*5# or send 20 to 127 as SMS.
20. 15,000 For 12GB: This hourly plan is dubbed as “G 300” which should be the upgraded version of the previous plan reviewed earlier. It valid for 300 hours or 3 months.
To activate the N15,000 for 12GB, simply dial *127*4# or send 21 to 127 as SMS.
21. N5,000 For 12GB: This “G-leisure” Glo plan works on all days of the week and weekend but in a restricted time of 8pm to 9am everyday.
To activate the N5,000 for 12GB, simply dial *127*7# or send 30 to 127 as SMS.
22. N6,000 For 12GB: This “G-work” plan is also similar to the previous data plan reviewed above. It works from 8am to 9pm.
To activate the N6,000 for 12GB, simply dial *127*6# or send 31 to 127 as SMS.


Glo data plans are more cheaper and affordable than other networks data plans in Nigeria as a whole. It’s the country owned telecom service provider and it prides itself as the best and largest network in Nigeria.
We have reviewed the 2019 data plans of Glo network and they are summarized on a table for easier access and comprehension.


When you purchase a data plan and you exhaust it, Glo will automatically renew that same data plan if you have sufficient money for that same plan. This will give you additional data bonus. But if you renew the plan by yourself after disabling the auto-renew, it won’t add additional bonus data. So, is better you leave it to auto-renew.
To cancel AUTO-RENEWAL, simply send CANCEL to 127 and it’s over.


Rollover means when you are unable to exhaust a data bundle within the validity period, the remaining data will be added to your newly purchased data bundle.


To subscribe to a data plan on Glo network is easy, simply dial *777# and follow the on-screen commands to successfully activate a plan from the network.


TO GIFT: Simply dial *127*THE USSD plan code*friends number#
TO SHARE DATA: Simply purchase a data plan and dial *777# and choose “Manage data plan” and enter the Glo number of the person or recipient and confirm.


To check data balance on Glo, simply send INFO to 127 or dial *777# and choose “Check data balance” option.
Do you have any questions or contributions or suggestion for edition, kindly drop the comment below for instant answer and solution. Thanks.

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