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When it comes to flexible and affordable data plans in Nigeria, you should surely choose Airtel because their network can be awarded as averagely good.
You know why? They have an average internet connection in every states in Nigeria and their data
plans can be rated as average because they also come with a lot of bonuses
Now, I am writing this article to provide the comprehensive list of data plans of Airtel network in year 2019. You can bookmark this page on your browser for easy access.

Moreover, Airtel offers daily, weekly, monthly, mega and other mouthwatering data plans that will blow up your mind. You can always decide to subscribe for what you can consume before they expire.

Airtel 2019 data plans also comes with some offers like Instagram bundles, social plans and many other additional plans that will be explained later on.


Airtel daily data plans allows you to surf the internet in just a day. They cannot be carried to the next day. If you need more days to carry out your internet trip, you should opt for higher data plans with longer validity.
1. N50 For 20MB: Airtel offers daily data plan of 20MB for just N50 to give you daily access to social media notifications and to checkup other little internet updates. A low internet user may love it. Basically, it works on all apps.
To activate daily data plan of N50 For 20MB, simply dial *141*50# and voilĂ ! That’s it.
2. N100 For 75MB: I see no actual difference between the 20mb and this very data plan of 75MB. Well, the 75MB data and the price are bit higher. At least, you will find it more good because it will sustain you on the internet for a while.
To activate N100 for 75MB, simply dial *141*100# and that’s all.
3. Airtel Download Pack: If you download heavily and you are looking for the best data plan that will fit your personal need, you should choose the Airtel Download Pack because with just N350, you would get 1GB data bundle instantly.
But the downside is that it valid for just 1 day. Meanwhile, you should have written all you want to download and then, subscribe and get them all to your phone. It would be easier and better that way.
However, you can simply check up other huge data plans below, or simply activate the Airtel Download Pack by dialling *141*354# because it is affordable anyway.


Weekly plans from Airtel are affordable more than the daily plan, in the sense that the validity is more prolonged because it provides you the time to consume your data with pleasure.
4. N200 For 200MB: The data plan of N200 that gives 200MB data bundle can be used on all apps and other internet supported devices. It has 3 days validity period.
To activate N200 for 200MB, simply dial *141*200# and that’s all.
5. N300 For 350MB: It’s bit expensive but it’s flexible. At least, 350MB can help you get soaked and stay active in the internet world for the validity period which is 7 days (week).
To activate N100 for 75MB, simply dial *141*300# and that’s all.
6. N500 For 750MB: The validity period of this data plan is 14 days (two weeks) and is more better than those with short term validity.
To activate N500 for 750MB, simply dial *141*500# and that’s all.
Moreover, 750MB is the best, affordable data bundle you can get from any network in Nigeria. The data bundle validity varies on the different networks in Nigeria, including Glo, MTN and 9mobile.
Airtel considers it as little data, that’s why they had to reduce it to a week while other networks made it valid for a complete month.
Wait! Are we going to chop validity? The volume is what we are actually looking at because for me, it will consume within 2 days. Let’s move to monthly plans…


Monthly data plans are designed for your internet speed and experience. You deserve a good affordable data bundles and a good coverage and time to consume it up. It’s highly important.
That’s why Airtel designed the monthly data plan and also tailored it to fit your personal desire and want. They all valid for 30 days which is a full month. Meanwhile, all unused data plan will rollover and given a grace period.
Airtel 2019 monthly data plans works on all apps and devices, such as: PSP console, Phones, Laptop, Hotspot/WiFi and other internet supported devices you can actually think off.
7. N1,000 For 1.5GB: One thousand naira on Airtel network can give you 1.5GB volume of data to enjoy your internet trip for 30 days. There’s no restrictions or additional hidden charges attached to the official data plan.
To activate N1,000 for 1.5GB, simply dial *141*1000# and that’s all.
8. N1,500 For 2.5GB + 1GB NIGHT: This data plan has night plan inclusion, and I wonder why they refused to make it day and night plan. Maybe they want to reduce the load on activation because they know is not everyone that will use the additional night plan bundle.
Moreover, with just N1,500 you can a whopping 2.5GB data bundle plus 1 gigabyte night plan that valid for 30 days. When you consume the 2.5GB normal data, you can then opt to night plan.
To activate N1,500 for 2.5GB + 1GB night plan, simply dial *141*1500# and that’s all.
9. N2,000 For 3.5GB: No additional data offer or bonus inclusion. It’s just plain! You will get massive 3.5GB data bundle by just adding N500 of the other plan above to sum it up to N2,000. It valid for complete 30 days.
To activate N2,000 for 3.5GB, simply dial *141*2000# and that’s all.
10. N2,500 For 4.5GB + 1GB Night: Subscribing for this data plan simply shows you are a bit approaching the heavy data bundle users. Airtel also attached 1GB night bundle for the night crawlers. It valid for complete 30 days (month).
To activate N2,500 for 4.5GB + 1GB Night bundle, simply dial *141*2500# and that’s all.
11. N3,000 For 5.5GB + 1GB Night: For lite heavy data users that has budget things to download like movies, YouTube streaming, online gaming and to watch active news or football channels, you can opt for this data plan because it provides the best option to kickstart your mission on the internet.
To activate N3,000 for 5.5GB + 1GB Night bundle, simply dial *141*3000# and that’s all.
12. N4,000 For 7.5GB + 2GB Night: This is the last monthly official data bundle from Airtel bouquet of data plans. It’s mainly for those who consumes high gigabyte a day and also ready to spend some amount of money to get it at any cost. The 7.5GB data bundle is enough to give you the best experience on the internet.
To activate N4,000 for 7.5GB + 2GB Night bundle, simply dial *141*4000# and that’s all.
NOTE: All monthly data bundles with night plans inclusion valid for 30 days while the night plan is usable from 1am to 7am.


Mega data plans are designed for the heavy data users who want to explore the internet for a long period of time, or who want to share data to his or her family for usage.
13. N5,000 For (12GB + 2GB Night): Are you a heavy internet user? This data plan is well designed to fit your need. You can opt for it to still have value for your money.
To activate N5,000 for 12GB + 2GB Night bundle, simply dial *141*5000# and that’s all. It valid for 30 days.
14. N10,000 For 25GB: Upgraded heavy data users would prefer spending on data plans at all cost than economising affordable ones because they all love high volume of data. If you are that type of person, you should try out the 25GB data bundle from Airtel at the price of N10,000 and you won’t regret it.
To activate N10,000 for 25GB, simply dial *141*10000# and that’s all. It valid for 30 days.
15. N15,000 For 40GB: I can assure you that 40GB data bundle is someone’s 50MB. The data plan is mighty and huge but it’s flexible. Remember you have a good network to make use of it.
To activate N15,000 for 40GB, simply dial *141*15000# and that’s all. It valid for 30 days.
16. N20,000 For 60GB: This is the last data plan from Airtel Mega list of data bundles. It’s called MEGA because it’s huge and is the best for your internet exploit.
To activate N20,000 for 60GB, simply dial *141*20000# and that’s all. It valid for 30 days.


Not everyone will prefer to subscribe full package to explore the internet because they prefer spending on what they can consume. If you love social media, you can actually get the bundles on the network.
AIRTEL INSTAGRAM BUNDLES: They are made of two packages and they serve same purpose but have different features. They are only usable on the popular social media platform called Instagram. The plans are:
1. N100 For 250MB valid for 1 Day by dialing *141*105# for activation.
2. N200 For 1GB valid for 1 Day by dialing *141*205# for activation.


3. N25 For 10MB valid for 1 Day by dialing *948*4#. Note: This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
4. N50 For 40MB valid for 1 Day by dialing *991*4#.
5. N100 For 80MB valid for 5 Days by dialing *688*3#.
6. N300 for 600MB valid for 25 Days by dialing *688*1#.
Note: These plans give access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.


Whatever your data needs are, Airtel have a plan for you, their fast, affordable and reliable internet experience will keep you connected anytime, anywhere


To easily subscribe to Airtel data plans by using USSD code, kindly dial *141# and follow the on-screen commands.


After subscribing to a particular data plan, you can always check up your data balance to know the exact data you have consumed by dialing *140# or for additional bonuses, simply dial *223# or *141*712*0#.
it’s easy right? Sure, it should.
Now that I have successfully reviewed Airtel data plans for 2019, kindly drop your questions or contributions in the comment section below for quick answer.
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