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Etisalat is now called 9mobile due to some debt they borrowed from consortium of 13 banks which they were unable to pay.
Moreover, 9mobile is still one of the fastest networks in Nigeria; the speed is incomparable to that of MTN, Glo and Airtel. 9mobile has a lot of data plans that ranges from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
They are designed and tailored to fit your personal need and lifestyle.
9mobile 2019 data plans works on all internet supported devices, such as: PSP console, Personal computers (PC), Phones and any other devices you can think off.
Recently, 9mobile extend some of their features of sharing data in order for users to experience the best of giving. You can now share your data plan to people using this ways below:
USING DATA GIFTING: This feature allows you to buy data as a surprise to another person. You will be charged for the data while the recipient gets the bundle.
Dial  *standard data plan code*recipient’s number#, for example you want to share 1GB Data, simply dial  *229*2*7*recipient’s number#.
USING DATA TRANSFER: If you feel like sharing your data plan to another 9mobile user, you can use this feature. Maximum of 200MB per time but you can send 1000MB per day.
Simply dial *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number#
SHARING DATA TO MULTIPLE DEVICE: This data sharing feature allows you to share your data with different devices.
You can add up to 4 secondary or additional SIMs to the primary SIM to activate: Simply dial *215*pin*1*new number*new puk#
For subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’.
Now that I have taken you through the upgraded data sharing features of 9mobile, it’s time for you to know about their data plans, prices and validity period.


If you are the type that hate to subscribe much or maybe you need an urgent subscription to perform some little tasks on the internet, you can opt for the daily data plans of 9mobile.
1. 10MB For N50: I wonder what 10MB will actually do on an Android or IOS phone. Let me assume that you only want to check quick notifications from Facebook or WhatsApp and If that’s right, there’s no problem in getting the 10MB.
To activate 10MB for N50, kindly dial *229*3*8# or send MI3 to 229 as text message to purchase it. It valid for 1 day.
2. 40MB For N100: A little bit upgrade but much better and little bit expensive. Moreover, you can use it to chat up your friends and families on social media, or other platforms. It works for all and valid for a day.
To activate 40MB for N100, kindly dial *229*3*1# or send MI1 to 229 as text message to purchase it. It valid for 1 day.


If you love to have your data plan validity period prolonged to 7 days, you can use the weekly plan of 9mobile with a good network to fire or consume it up. Oh! 9mobile only has one weekly plan, let’s look into it.
3. 150MB For N200: Heavy internet users won’t go for this plan but if you are a lite internet user and you have decided to save your little data for a week, you can opt for it.
To activate 150MB for N200, kindly dial *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229 as text message to purchase it. It valid for 7 days.


Are you a night crawler or you prefer spending your time on the internet during the weekend due to stress from work, 9mobile provides you with weekend plans to spice up your internet life.
4. N200 For 1GB: Is a night plan! You can download and surf the internet from 12am – 5am and note that it valid for 24 hours. You can only use it once in a night and failure to do that will result to another night plan from you.
To activate 1GB for N200, kindly dial *229*3*11#, no SMS option.
5. N1,000 For 2GB: Is evening and weekend plan, and it’s usable from 7pm to 7am and it valid for 30 days. Note that it doesn’t browse during the week time, only in the evening. And also, weekend should be Saturday and Sunday.
To activate 2GB for N1,000, kindly dial *229*3*12#, no SMS option.
6. N2,000 For 5GB: This plan is the upgraded version of the 2GB plan above. The difference is in the volume of data and the price.
Moreover, it’s usable during the weekend and in the evening of both week time and weekend. It valid for 30 days as well. There is also free WhatsApp throughout the time of the subscription.
To activate 5GB for N1,000, kindly dial *229*3*13#, no SMS option.


Sometimes you’d love to use your data smoothly in a long period of time, the monthly data plans of 9mobile are well designed for your needs. Additionally, monthly plans comes with free WhatsApp on daily basis.
7. N500 For 500MB: Other networks offers higher volume of data on this same plan but 9mobile made it equal to the money you paid. It’s probably the internet speed they offer or just to look different in the game.
Anyhow it looks like, they supposed to have made it reach 750MB or even 1GB but anyway, the speed is awesome and we have to accept it that way. No choice!
To activate 500MB for N500, kindly dial *229*2*12#, no SMS option. It valid for 30 days.
8. 1GB For N1,000: The data plan can be used to surf deeply on the internet and can also be shared to family and friends. It’s averagely good though. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 1GB for N1,000, kindly dial *229*2*7#, no SMS option.
9. 1.5GB For N1,200: With an additional N500, you will get 500MB making 1.5GB data bundle. It’s more cheaper this way than the previous data plan of 1GB. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 1.5GB for N1,200, kindly dial *229*2*25#, or send AND11 to 229 as text message to purchase it.
10. 2.5GB For N2,000: Still for average people who just want to explore the internet for 30 days, and by rating, it’s awesome. 9mobile has it prepared for you.
To activate 2.5GB for N2,000, kindly dial *229*2*8#, or send AND2 to 229 as text message to purchase it.
11. 4GB For N3,000: If you need a long time commitment with the internet due to one reason or the other, you should opt for this plan. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 4GB for N3,000, kindly dial *229*2*35#, no SMS option.
12. 5.5GB For N4,000: The plan is awesome for downloading heavy files and most wanted things on the internet. It should at least download 70% of the things you need on the internet. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 2.5GB for N2,000, kindly dial *229*2*36#, no SMS option.
13. 7.1GB For N5,000: The volume of this data plan is enough for those who want to explore the internet. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 7.1GB for N5,000, kindly dial *229*2*37#, no SMS option.
14. 11.5GB For N8,000: Do you want to step up your experience on the internet, you should afford a higher data plan with longer validity period and I assure you that this 30-day plan is more suitable for you.
To activate 11.5GB for N8,000, kindly dial *229*2*5#, no SMS option.
15. 15GB For N10,000: More suitable for commercial use, maybe in a cafe where there is no router. It’s huge and is cost but is preferable. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 15GB for N10,000, kindly dial *229*4*1#, no SMS option.
16. 27.5GB For N18,000: This is highest plan in the list of 9mobile monthly data plans and is more costly but preferable in a situation where you want to stream online games and videos, or perform some other heavy tasks on the internet. It valid for 30 days.
To activate 27.5GB for N18,000, kindly dial *229*4*3#, no SMS option.


9mobile only has 3 bundles on the list of their yearly data plans and they are more heavy and costly. Before you opt for them, you should already know what you are trying to do and how to use them up.
17. 30GB For N27,500: The internet is wide and everyone have different things bothering them to achieve on the internet but if yours is to download heavily, this data plan is highly recommended for you. It valid for 90 days.
To activate 30GB for N27,500, kindly dial *229*5*1#, no SMS option.
18. 60GB For N55,000: If you can afford it, you have no other option than to buy it because is heavily loaded for the internet world. You have to well equipped. It valid for 120 days.
To activate 60GB for N55,000, kindly dial *229*5*2#, no SMS option.
19. 120GB For N110,000: Highest data plan from the yearly or quarterly list of data bundles from 9mobile. If you have that money to spend over data, why not spend it on this? It’s huge and can sustain with its 365 days validity period.
To activate 120GB for N110,000, kindly dial *229*5*3#, no SMS option.


These are the standard data plans of 9mobile and they are more streamlined and tailored to fit your personal need. You should hover through them and find your best plan for the internet.


→Account name: 9mobile internet
→ username: (please leave it blank)
→ password: (please leave it blank)
→ access point name (apn): 9mobile
→ home page:
→ IP address:
NOTE: You can as well request for 9mobile APN settings by sending SETTINGS to 790.


Simply dial *200# and follow the on-screen commands to successfully subscribe to a data plan from the network. More faster and more quick, or you can also bookmark this page on your browser for easy access.


After subscribing to a particular data plan, 9mobile may ask you to confirm auto-renewal and if you by mistakenly accept it, they would think you want the data plan and in that case, they will start to renew it whenever you load recharge card. So, to turn it off, simply dial *229*0# and that’s all.


Simply dial *228# and your used or remaining data bundle would be showed onto you for confirmation. It’s good knowing what you have consumed.
If you have any more questions, kindly drop them below for quick answer and solution. Thanks.
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