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PHARAOH'S DOOM by Favour Jemimah

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——Pharaoh's Doom—-😰
Treacherous and mischievous was the law maker
And bedight of thy blood of slaves and the symbols of Osiris was each scrolls and tablets
Inhabiting the accustomations and polices of within
Twilight and the summon call

Beseeching the natives clad in evil and in sin and immorality
And immorality and mischief and hatred for thou who makest thy earth
With every proclamations and decrees obnubilated in the papyrus of evil
In forbiddance of the worship to our God

And let e’m chosen race male offspring be slained
And their carcasses be washed away by the Nile
Wherefore Anubis has no need to embalm
As the gate to the underworld by Osiris is shut

On the evenings of the feast of the falcon god-Horus
With the lustre of Royal songs and wines from the finest extract
Pharoah in his dazzling linen and scepter and the crown
Into Horus’s groove bowed,and sacrifices of pigs on the altar he left.

From the Nile starlwart was the redemptionist
And tales from the stars he read
With severity we toiled the earth and made straws
As the supreme one declared.

And the voice of my father Abraham’s God we heard
Through the mouths of our messiah
“And let my people go “
He roared shaking the mountains of Sinai
As we smeared bloods on our door post

The gods of Egypt annihilated Pharoah
Whilst the plague of unceasing disaster roamed around
By the red waters by millions superior to the Nile
Pharoah and his comrades breathe no more.

Whilst Anubis is given the honors to embalm the drowned carcass
As the cooling waters serpent headed kebechet rolls the linen over his embalmed carcass
And by the gates of the afterlife osiris waits with the crook and flail and the atep crown and the feathers of the ostrich
In readiness to welcome the doomed Pharoah.

Favour Jemimah Oseghale

Favour writes

Spiritual writer
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