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EVERYDAY IS A GREAT DAY by The Voice of Balaam

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When trouble comes your way
All in all, every day is a great day,
Though your face may burn a thousand flame
Lay your worries at the sea shore
Ten thousand may be yours of warring scars,
Smile, every day is a great day.
When you go lame around the ridge of tars
Cheers! Every day is a great day.
Hmmmm! Though y’may fear the roar of the hungry Lion
All days have their blessings to share in legion

Your way is full of joy and pleasantness
Open your eyes wide and set your brow
And in you dwells all time greatness
Come it rain or Sunshine, your rainbow must show

Upon the rock of life, crash you may,
Stand up! Every day is a great one
Even when ‘your image’ turn to grey,
Look up, ahead of you is a day you’ll run
Lonely days may ’smile’ at you
Smile, every day is a great day
When love and foe pay for you rations,
Every day of life is a great one
Seems it that your spirit is dying
Sing songs, and all be revived

Look at me, imagine the name g’ven to my image
Check my heart you wonderful wanda
Raise your wool upon the neck of fame
Well, I’m great, a grateful wonder
Look at my shoulder and learn from my nerves

The crazy ways of masters may you perturbed
The day is old to be a great day
When you raise your ego where you are reformed
Hmmm,keep cool all days are great days
For "In the fighting Kite,
In the riot of Might
In the games and the fair
In the bumpy trains so bare
In the sweetness of Sugarcane,
In the clothes of the rich or vain

Seek and you will find,
Heat that bricks bind
A Colour has emerged
And it is spreading converged

This colour of the reign,
Is embedded in your veins
Stand immovable, invincible,
Obstinate in times of trouble.”

Scraped and scarred,
Move on even if marred
Be stubborn if that's what it takes
The great days never complain
Do or die- all is at stake! .......
Memories of great days never fade
But build the stronghold in you
 Which Kings sort after

                     (THE VOICE OF BALAAM)

"A poem written in the year 2015 to reawakening the bored and dejected
spirits....from the bleeding pen of ADEDIRE T.TOMIWA....a cool, calm
and collected gentleman, though jovial. He is a love coach, a song
writer, a Thespian, a cinematographer, an inspirational
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