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Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat Settings On MTN

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Hammer VPN free browsing on MTN is the best free browsing cheat you can ever get. Imagine getting free 100mb per server, isn’t that awesome. In accumulation, it should surmount up to 1.4GB data on daily basis. Last time, we released free browsing cheats from Combo VPN but it wasn’t enough, we are about to reveal the real FREE browsing settings from MTN using Hammer VPN app.

Hammer VPN is not a Nigeria app but you know what, it works and generates free data to Nigeria users after appropriate setup. Isn’t that awesome? Sure, it should.

One thing I love about the VPN app is that it has a lot of preconfigured servers that will help you get huge amount of data separately on daily basis.

Meanwhile, the amount of data varies on all SIMS as some are reported to grab the UNLIMITED, while some are capped higher.

Without further ado, I will acquaint you on the settings on how to setup the free browsing cheat on Hammer VPN.

How Can I Setup Free Browsing Cheat On Hammer VPN App Using MTN
STEP 1: Firstly, install this modded Hammer VPN app via HERE.
STEP 2: After installation, launch the app and configure it this way:

+ PASSWORD: Leave it at default.
+ Choose any of the server – free.server-22, nl
+ Now, insert 8080 on Rport and and 9201 on Lport. As shown below:

+ Choose UDP and Connect.
STEP 3: Wait a little bit, it will connect and you can minimize the Hammer VPN app and start browsing for free using your MTN line.

Note: A server on Hammer VPN is capped at 100mb per day, when you have finished exhausting it, you can decide to switch server. There are over 14 FREE servers on Hammer VPN, you can get up to 1.4GB on daily basis.

How Can I Bypass The 100MB Daily Limit On Each Hammer VPN Servers?

Once you have connected to a server and you have exhausted the daily 100mb data on it, you should use this method to bypass it’s limit.

STEP 1: It’s easy, kindly download ES Explorer app via HERE and launch the app.

STEP 2: Tap on “SHOW HIDDEN FILES“, go to your INTERNAL STORAGE (SD CARD) folder and then tap on “ANDROID” folder and you will see all hidden files on it.

STEP 3: You will see a folder named “playstor.srf.h“. Kindly open the folder with Es Text Editor

STEP 4: Now, you will see a number in this format 12-78217944, change the first two letters 12 which is your today’s date to tomorrow’s date 13.

STEP 5: Then SAVE your edit.

Once done, go back to your Hammer VPN and reconnect. It will connect instantly.

Note: Keep repeating this step and your 100mb will keep renewing unlimitedly. I hope it works? If you encounter any problem or issue while activating it, why not drop your complaint in the comment section below. Thanks.

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