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MTN MPulse Data Now Working On New Config Files

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There have been some online reactions that MTN has finally decrease the data limit of the MTN 0.0KB free browsing from 1GB to 50MB per day. Is a rumour though, because some people are still using the MTN 0.0KB up till date.
Who want to use 50MB per day, or if yours is still 1GB per day? If you feel is okay, you can download MTN Config files for MTN 0.0KB and enjoy!

For those who want to switch to MTN MPulse tariff plan can make use of the data by importing a CONFIG file to their VPN. But firstly, you have to purchase a data plan to make that possible.

How to Subscribe to MTN MPulse

STEP 1: Firstly, migrate to MTN MPulse by dialling *344*1# and after successful migration, you are to purchase a data plan.

STEP 2: The data plans are very cheap than MTN's official plans. So, is more affordable. To purchase, just dial *344*2*1# and you will see the list of data plans in these formats below:

350MB for N50.
1.2GB for N150 (recommended).

STEP 3: Once done, kindly download a VPN app on playstore, which are: Eproxy VPN, Spark VPN, HTTP injector VPN and KPN Tunnel Revolution VPN. They are all available on playstore.

STEP 4: After that, you are to download a CONFIG file.

See the formats of the CONFIG files:

Spark CONFIG (.svc)
HTTP Injector CONFIG (.ehi)
Eproxy CONFIG (.epro)

STEP 5: Import the CONFIG files To Your VPN and start browsing.
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