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By only one man the sin returned in the world and by only one Man the remission of the sin: purification by the blood of the immolated lamb. It is in the same way that by only one man GRACE comes by the means of the last boat was granted to the sons of man. This mission was entrusted to Samuel Bileou Joseph OSHOFFA who is the enigmatic prophet of our century.


Samuel Bileou Joseph OSHOFFA was born from a father and of a mother fearing GOD and who was educates on the way of the Christian faith. Trumpet player, protesting, it learned the trade from carpenter near his father. S.B.J OSHOFFA at the time was part of the suppliers of the ebony wood for the construction of the bridge of Porto-Novo. This famous ebony wood was only in the aquatic environments. It was thus necessary to move towards these zones to get some. It is thus in this course of tradesman that known dad OSHOFFA the hamlet of houngon Godro located in the village of Akpomey in the district of Sedje-Houegoudo in the Department of the Atlantic. It went there regularly to be supplied out of ebony wood when during one of its descents in the forest it was visited by the HOLY SPIRIT.


In 1947, whereas it came to seek its usual wood, had prepared for its stay of purchase. It made crackling with akassa for its food and given of the money to its paddler for itself to prepare his meal of stay. But GOD having already drawn up his plan and not wanting that the paddler enters the forest with him led the paddler to take a little crackling of Dad OSHOFFA whose odor did not leave it indifferent. After having consumed the crackling, it melted in moanings of evils of entrails. Dad having heard his moanings, was turned over to see what occurred with its paddler. It is from there that he lives it torturing itself and complained about the atrocious evils of belly. Dad never not leaving without his Bible, took his Bible and the hand in consequence of a short prayer imposed to him. This last was relieved and took again its forces. He judged Dad of magician wizard who cures a so intense pain only by imposing the hands and by pronouncing some words. The frightened paddler, gave up Dad alone on bank and plunged himself in water. The paddler swam until destination. Once at his place, he says to have forsaken OSHOFFA alone which not knowing to control on bank with the boat. A few days later, funerals were made for its disappearance because everyone was convinced that it would not be any more in life.


To exceed by the facts, it did not know any more what to make but it returned nevertheless in the forest in the hope that after the cutting of wood, its paddler would hear reason and return to surely seek it. Once with the place where it was to cut out wood, it had solar eclipse, it was on May 23rd, 1947. All around him darkens. At the moment when it tried to reflect to understand what occurred, in front of him, appears a light dazzling which had the appearance of a human being suspended in the air and at the bottom of this image on the ground a white monkey having four teeth including two in top and two bellow (this has a spiritual direction), a snake and a peacock. A voice resounded LULI! LULI! LULI! Which means the GRACE! GRACE! GRACE! The voice told him: “my son, I am not afraid will entrust a mission to you. Because much are those which adore me here on ground but which still will seek additional protections after other gods so that after their death, they lose my face. Your mission will thus consist in preaching the good news of repentance to the Men. I will accompany your works by great miracles and wonders”. When the voice disappeared, it was filled of the HOLY SPIRIT and remained in the forest during ninety (90) days when it nourished only pure honey and water of river GODRO.



At the end of the 90 days in the forest, it received the divine order to arise. It was in fall and it crossed river GODRO on foot and approached a hamlet called houngon. At its exit of water, he lives fishermen at the edge of bank around a fire weaving their dash. He sat down a few times with the latter, occasion for him to dry his clothing. He tried to communicate with the fishermen but its language did not appear ordinary to them and those paid hardly attention to him. Once its dried clothes, he lives by far as of coconuts which formerly marked the existence of life or congregation in a medium. Thus it advanced with small steps and reached the house of houngon where it remained and requested during three (03) days with the children (what is the root even of our daily worships and prayers in the C.C.C to see CCC hymn (Benin) 34. After these three days of prayers with the children, he obtained a light and remembered his boat. He was turned over again in the forest in search of his boat which had failed Aglangbin fills of grass, of refuse and of snakes which he collected of his own hands then returned in the boat. Dad not knowing to sail had seen himself leads by the water current until Agongue where it accosted.


With its descent with Agongue, it delivered a man by wizard and the chief wizard accepted the HOLY SPIRIT and converts himself into giving glory to GOD of Dad OSHOFFA. It was not very that it had made in Agongue much other miracles were operated by the Lord JESUS CHRIST through her person.

RETURN A PORTO-NOVO Of return to him to Porto-Novo where he was already regarded as deceased, a joy filled the heart of his/her parents which returned thanks to GOD to have lost it. Its mission continued. It resurrected deaths, cured the patients, organized meetings of evangelization. It accepted the order to establish its first Furnace bridge. It was the beginning of the E.C.C little by little the wonders made grow the assembly and a true church was installation. The manners of adoring were given by spiritual revelations. The addition of its congregation leads it to a confrontation and it was driven out Porto-Novo. It is introduced at Toffins which accommodated it cordially.

The LIFE OF the E.C.C AT the TOFFINS Dad settled then in Toffin more precisely with awomey-lokpo where it set up a temple. Toffins were interested then in the church of dad OSHOFFA and it was spread in all the community of the toffinous. From their travel, the Toffins fishermen brought the E.C.C to Nigeria and to Togo. Following the various miracles whose Nigerians were pilot, they asked met the prophet founder himself. After three successive requests rejected by Pasteur, dad ends up going to Nigeria in 1953. He was then between the two countries until 1976 when he went definitively to Nigeria and passed the rest of his days. On the other hand, it remained in communication with the predecessors of the Saint Sits Porto-Novo and other parishes which it knew before his departure in Nigeria.

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